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Akron, OH


About Hepaclean Duct Cleaning Service

At The Hepaclean Duct Cleaning IAQ Specialists we'll give you the answers and practical solutions you'll come to expect and appreciate. We offer the best in the industry methods and results for your indoor air quality needs. The Hepaclean until recently was only available to private contractors and building science companies and their clients.(includes athletes of local pro teams etc.) The Hepaclean Duct Cleaning IAQ Specialists have been doing air duct cleaning for building science companies since 2002(under the name fibernu IAQ). I guess you could say we clean up after the cleanup companies. All of the work we do is tested by third party using laser particle counters and special equipment to detect mold among other contaminants, all had to be cleared by lab results of tests, no duct cleaning company is willing to work to those standards, until now. Experience what good duct cleaning with proper ambient air scrubbing can do for you and your family to help breathe clean healthy air. You can't wipe the dirt out of the air but we can. It's not your fault your air is polluted, industry and emissions from all our cars and trucks and especially wood smoke have done the job well of ruining good air. Now let us put our decade of experience in the field to work for you. We know that using our method is very different from the average duct cleaning methods.


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